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Year: 2015

John William Streten was born on the 25th April 1949, he grew up with his father Kevin Streten in Toowoomba. Kev had earthmoving equipment and as John wasn't really fond of school, from the age of 14 helped his father with his business. At the age of 18 he bought his first truck an International Acco. He worked this truck around the Toowoomba area until an electrical fault seen it burn to the ground. John then found a new job transporting freight between Toowoomba, Adelaide and back to Brisbane. He did this job for a few years until he had enough money to buy another truck which was an S2 Kenworth. John then commenced on the Moomba to Sydney pipeline.

After working the pipeline, John traded up to a 26/23 Mercedes 10 metre tipper carting gravel in Moree, New South Wales. It was in Moree John met his Judy wife of 43 years. Together they had two daughters, Angelia and Brooke.

John bought an R model Mack and worked for years carting general freight, wheat, cotton and grain. He bought stock crates to move cattle through the drought for Bob Kilner Transport in Moree. When this ended he bought a Mark 2 Mack Superliner to haul grain and cotton around northwest New South Wales and South Australia.

John and Judy decided a move to Brisbane would be a better life for the family and provide the opportunity to spend more time at home. He bought a B model Mack and carted containers for Mesco Container Park in Brisbane. It was at this time that John added to his own transport business, buying another truck and heavy machinery. He employed drivers and operators to help with the running of John & JT Streten Transport. John, Judy and the girls relocated to Pomona in 2001. He had a 401 Kenworth that carried counter weights for Boom Logistics. This required John to be away from home more often as the majority of crane work was after hours and weekends, due to the size of the 300 tonne crane.

A couple of years ago John thought he'd sell the Kenworth, give up the long hours and the time away from home and slow down a little. So he bought a little tilt tray thinking he'd do some local work around Pomona. That idea didn't last long as John's contacts and work now cover anywhere in Queensland and New South Wales. He is working longer hours and away from home more now than ever.

At 65 years of age, John still works full time, longer hours than both of us combined. He has always been the stable rock in his families lives. They have been through some really hard times as a family whether it be financial or family issues but persistence and that normal Australian way that John has, you just keep on keeping on has got them through.

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