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Year: 2015

Fred Simpson was born on the 17th December 1951 in a small country Victorian town called Rupanyup. He later moved to Horsham where he has lived ever since. He was not one for school and from a very early age this was apparent when as quick as they took him to school he would be home again. Fred started working at a young age. He then married Robyn and later had three children. At a young age he got his truck licence then it was clear the road was his destiny and he lived by the saying truckin's in my blood.

He first started driving a D Model Ford Peters Ice Cream truck. This lasted a few years until he got the urge for bigger and better trucks. He started driving stock crates but this did not work as he had little patience for the sheep dogs and sheep and had a tendency to leave the dogs behind to find their own way home.

After driving for various companies over the years in 1991 Fred and Robyn bought their first prime mover, a 1981 Cabover Kenworth with a VT903 Cummins in it. Fred was determined tomake a go of things and no matter what happened he would just work harder. Then in 1997 he bought a second-hand 950 Kenworth, followed by a new T904 from Barry Maney in 2001. Then in 2008 Fred brought a new T908 from Barry Maney which is still driving today and shining like it did when it left the factory. After years of towing a flat Fred eventually went to Tautliners and today tows a drop deck Tautliner carting salt for Cheetham Salt which he has been carting since early 1990s.

Fred has always been one for having the shiniest truck out there and has been known to spend a Sunday afternoon washing the truck in the rain as he will never start the week in a dirty truck. He is still running Melbourne to Adelaide to this day, when he is not travelling around towing his caravan with Robyn.

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