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Year: 2015

Bertie Harry Saint 3/4/1909- 14/1/1998 (was know a Bert) married to Gwendolyne Dorthory Saint

The Bus company H.T Saint and Sons Bus Company started on 18thSeptember 1920 by his father Harry Tipler Saint with a total of 450 pounds, They started with 2 trucks bought from a Newtown Furniture store, they installed some side seating in the back, provided curtains and started services the next day, travelling down Gloucester Road to Hurstville Station and rented 4 acres to park the buses overnight.

Bertie Harry Saint joined the family company in 1924 at the insistence of his father. By 1927 a four cylinder dodge bus was operating from Lugarno ferry to Hurstville, 1928-29 three children used to travel from the punt to Peakhurst School.

1938 a diesel bus operated on this run and in 1953 a Double Decker bus followed

Bert gained his bus driving licence early his age was put up, wooden blocks were placed on the pedals so he could reach them Age 14

Cronulla to Kurnell July 21, 1927, Bert, his father Harry Saint and some local business identities from Sutherland Shire were the first to make a crossing from Cronulla to Kurnell by car, a battered T Model Ford, no one else wanted to tackle the driving so it was left to Bert

Equipment consisted of 2 builder's planks and a piece of rope, but not water

Bert was a skilful driver, he'd been driving since the age of 11, it was a difficult trip, causing a bend in the steering column but he drove on into history and the local newspaper.

The Bus Company operated under a variety of names H.T Saint & Sons, Peakhurst Bus Company,

Peakhurst Bus & Coach Company and Saints Peakhurst Coaches. They operated in the St George Region of Sydney. It operated routes 88 Hurstville Bankstown via Padstow, 108 Hurstville to Lugarno and 113 Ramsgate Peakhurst via Hurstville.

Saints colours were White with a Black waistband

Bert Saint had a majority shareholding in bodybuilder Coachmaster and from the late 1950 purchased Albion Aberdonians, Atkinson Alphas and Bedford VAM70s.

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