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Year: 2015

William (Bill) Rutherford was born in Scotland and arrived in Perth, Australia in March 1966. From 1966 to 1969, Bill drove tractors and bulldozers clearing the land for farmers. He then drove tippers for Perth (WA) Super Spreaders for 13 months.

In 1962 Bill moved to Victoria and helped build an F500 Ford to carry boats for Boatrans (the 500 was used to avoid road tax) and Caribbean Boats to Sydney bringing Land Rovers back. He took his first trip on the Hume Highway in November 1972.

In 1973 bill started working for Kennelly's Transport, trading as Cannonball Freight Lines. He stayed for 14 months driving a Cabover Mack. The next job he took on was with BNB Freightlines travelling from Melbourne to Sydney or Adelaide twice a week in a Kenworth Cabover 6/71GM or an International 30/70 with a 903 Cummins rated at 320 (one of the very first ones).

Bill moved to Whitelaws where he drove a Transtar fitted with an 8/71GM carting for Ansetts between Melbourne and Sydney. Loads varied from a maximum of 30 tons to two ton. After nine months, with the company closing down, Bill moved to working in a factory due to family commitments. Then in 1978 he went back to Boatrans for four months before getting back on the highway, working for a couple of different companies. Bill then commenced with Clarkes Refrigerated Transport driving an Atkinson Cabover fitted with an 8/92 natural towing a refrigerated tri-axle trailer.

After working at Clarkes for two years, Bill moved to Seltino which was another refrigerated van company. This was initially for only four months, then he had a sea change working as a mechanic for 12 months. In 1983 he moved back to Seltino's after receiving a call to do an urgent trip to Sydney. This position lasted until the end of 1984. In 1985 he moved to Eastoes, another refrigerated van company driving a W model Kenworth, fitted with a 350 Cummins motor.

Finishing in September 1986, Bill moved to a company named Forstaff, a casual driver placement service. In October 1987 Bill went to Nash's, his final employer. John Nash Transport was based in Dandenong where Bill regularly carted glass for Pilkingtons to destinations on the eastern seaboard, going as far as Cairns. During this period Bill drove a Cabover Kenworth with an 8/92T, a Scania, a Freightliner, a Louisville 410 Cummins and a T600 Kenworth fitted with a 430 hp Cummins. He worked locally from 1995 to 1996, when he retired. Bill's favourite truck was a Cabover Kenworth fitted with a GM motor.

Bill still keeps in contact with the transport industry, is an Honorary Life Member of the TWU and a member of the Historical Vehicle Club. He currently owns three Ford trucks, an F700, an F800 and an L900. Bill is now enjoying retirement.

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