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Year: 2015

Joe was born in 1964 in Mackay, Queensland. Schooling wasn't for Joe, and at the age of 14, it was recommended by the Principal that Joe finish school and get a job!

In 1985 after several jobs and different careers, Joe decided that he wanted to purchase his own truck. He asked his dad Charlie to help him out with money; unfortunately for Joe they both had opposing ideas on what truck would be best! Joe had big dreams of owning a flashy new truck, his dad had other plans and helped him buy a 1972 Commer. By purchasing the Commer, it advanced Joe in both his driving and mechanical career, spending days driving the truck and night time fixing it.

In 1986 Joe bought his first Mack, a 1975R Model, and then in 1988 he purchased a Drott and together with his dad, Jeffsann Plant Hire was born, a two man band, and today Joe employs 70 staff.

Joe often reminds us of the time when he was tipping at Smithfield and there used to be a spotter who opened your tailgate for you to save you getting out of the cab. One load the spotter forgot to open Joe's tailgate and as he went to tip his load of dirt, the truck reared up and sat on its tailgate. The last thing Joe saw was the spotter running for the gate as Joe's front wheels were 10 feet up in the air. Luckily for all involved the truck came down to a smooth landing and Joe opened his own tailgate from that day on.

In the early 1990s Joe was determined to build his own dog trailers, purchasing second hand Skel trailers and successfully converted them into dog trailers. He was one of the first to be using dog trailers in the Sydney Metro area for excavation work.

Joe spends his time passing on his self-taught mechanical, earthmoving and trucking knowledge to the younger staff at JEFFSANN and enjoying time out with his partner Narelle. Joe's continued contribution to the transport industry is appreciated.

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