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Year: 2015

Neville Pomroy has been a driver for K & SL Nelson for the past 30 odd years. Ever since he was a school kid, Neville wanted to be a truck driver. He never had any relations in the industry; he was simply fascinated by the big rigs and the life style of the truck driver.

Neville's start in the industry began when he managed to get a job soon after school driving a Commer with a Perkins in it for Barmera Traders in the Riverland of South Australia. After a while he bought a 1418 Mercedes Benz which he used running interstate between Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Neville worked as an owner/driver for about 10 years from the age of 20. He had the Mercedes for three years then he bought a UD followed by a White Road Commander and a LNT Louisville which he then sold and bought a yellow and white Road Commander. Finally with no freight around and things getting tougher, Neville decided to sell out and work for someone.

In 1981 Neville managed to get a job with K & SL Nelson. His first truck was a 1976 model Cabover Kenworth with a VT903 motor. At that stage the company was running Balranald to Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide with the occasional trip to Perth and Brisbane but they are now mainly known for grain carting and general freight, running Balranald to Melbourne. After his first Kenworth, Neville was given another new Cabover followed by a W model Kenworth that he drove for five years. He was then given a Kenworth 404 that he drove for another five years then a Kenworth 908. Neville is happy being a driver without the worries associated with owning a truck. K & SL Nelson's say he is a punctual, reliable driver who always keeps his truck in immaculate condition.

Neville says times are a lot easier now but the good old days were great with lots of memories.

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