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Year: 2015

Ronald Bernard Price known to many as Pricey or Ronnie McGrath was born on 1st Jan 1947. He grew up on the Murray River at Gonn Crossing Victoria. Ron moved to Melbourne in 1964 to start a welding apprenticeship with McGraths Trailers in Brunswick, obtaining a DLI and A Grade Welding Certificates. Ron learnt his craft and worked his way up the ladder, he was made leading hand under the guidance of Ken Bullen. Ron worked for McGraths until late 1979. Ron's father also named Ron worked alongside his son for 10 years until his death in 1979.

In 1980 Ron together with wife Lyn and children relocated to Huntly, Victoria, to commence their own semi-trailer repair business on the Midland Highway. In the early days Ron traveled long distances to do on site repairs, doing repairs in all weather conditions as he knew to have a semi off the road was very costly especially for the small operator.

Specialising in accident damaged trailers and all types of repairs, maintenance and extensions, Ron loves a challenge he has repaired the seemingly impossible (the too hard or can't possibly be done category). He has stunned many as to just how he has done it and to do it by himself is just amazing.

Loyal clients from the early days and continuing still are John and Glenda Kerr Livestock Transport, Peter and Helen Hayes Transport, Murray and Lyn Gray, O'Sullivans Transport, Brian and Lorna Hicks Transport, and Vic Agosta Transport just to name a few.

Ron has made many long-time friends and has gained the respect of truckies from all over the country. Ron receives telephone calls, Just want to pick your brains is usually the first words he hears. Ron is only too willing to pass on his knowledge and experiences. He has proved himself to be a hardworking, honest and reliable individual who takes great pride and interest in the work he carries out. Ron will never fully retire, he wouldn't like to leave his loyal friends in a lurch he'll just slow down.

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