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Year: 2015

David Preston, was born in Creswick Victoria on 18th May 1945, and married Aileen in 1971. David commenced a career in the Transport Industry in 1964 driving a 1964 Dodge 6 series with a 318 V8 engine in his father Ken's business, which later became known as KT Preston & Sons after David's brother Kevin joined the business.

Ken's early work of carting hay to local chaff mills changed after deregulation during the 1960s enabled door to door delivery to Melbourne dairies, produce stores and wharf. Ken and sons were known for their efficiency and reliability in hay, chaff and farm produce. Characteristics David continued throughout his career.

David's first dog trailer was added in the late 1960s, towed by a 7 Series Dodge truck powered by a 361 V8 engine.The first Volvo truck, a F86 towing a dog trailer was purchased in 1973. David's passion for Volvos continues today.

During the 1970s freight diversified to include groceries, and alcohol. The first semi-trailer was purchased. In the 1980s bulk grain became an important part of the freight carting from farms in the central Victorian district. Trips were gradually extended to all parts of Victoria and interstate carting general freight.

David with his brother took over when Ken retired. The 50th anniversary of KT Preston & Sons was celebrated in 2001. In 2003 the brothers went their separate ways and David started GDP Transport with his son, Greg. GDP now employs 20 (including eldest son Chris) and has 12 vehicles, made up of Volvo's and Kenworth's. Its fleet includes B-doubles and singles carting export containers, bulk grain and general freight. Over the years David acquired all necessary licences including B-double.

During his career David has employed many drivers and has sponsored enthusiastic young drivers to obtain a heavy vehicle licence and make a career in transport.

David has contributed to the industry and community including being involved in a hay drive for Gippsland farmers affected by severe flooding. Also serving on the Freight Strategy Committee for the Hepburn Shire and being a member of the VTA (Victorian Transport Association) and ATA (Australian Transport Association). With over 50 years in the industry David continues to drive part-time and stay involved in retirement.

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