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Year: 2015

Pita Richard Norman, who most would know as 'Pig' was born in Melbourne in 1957. Pigs trucking career began in 1977, lasting a long 34 years, finishing up in 2011. Pig had an interest in trucks from a young age, learning how to drive from his father who also drove for many years.

He has had many highlights throughout his trucking career including; transporting the equipment for Australian and International music bands in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Having the chance to meet some huge stars such as Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Daryl Braithwaite and Noiseworks, just to name a few. Pig enjoyed all the trips, but even more when Costantino Cartage bought a new Mack Superliner. The 1988 Mack was one of the famous Bicentennial Superliners 'Thunderbolt' in honour of the infamous bushranger. Pig loved the luxury status of thunderbolt with one of few that had a fridge and TV.

Over the years he had driven for more companies than he could remember. Starting his career with Holdsworth & Quigley and over the years working for Ansett, Bunkers, Thorpe's, Fate, Costantino's, Freestones and ending his career as an owner driver with FBT for his last eight years in the industry.

Pig thoroughly enjoyed the Linehaul overnight express, stopping at the usual places such as Tarcutta, Nhill, Bunker Hill and the Wimpy for the odd break.

Pig would always say the best thing about trucking is the friends he made on the road. Remembering there were no phones back then and you had to rely on other blokes to help you out. Many of those drivers became more than friends, they became family.

Pig stopped driving in 2011 due to ongoing treatment for lung cancer. Pig was overwhelmed by the support that he received from everyone. In November 2011, Pig had the opportunity to have what he referred to as his trucking family all in one room. In Pig's words: THIS IS MY FAMILY

When Pig wasn't driving, he loved spending time with his wife Kay and his kids Cassie and Kaine. Sadly he passed away in 2012.

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