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Year: 2016

Kelvin Mills connection to transport started at a young age helping his father, Eric in the Mills Transport workshop at Burringbar and assisting drivers with their deliveries during his school holidays. After leaving school, Kelvin started his apprenticeship as a Fitter and Machinist and studied Mechanical Engineering at evening college before starting work at Brisbane City Council as a Professional Assistant Engineer. He later joined Freighter Qld as a Draftsman before becoming Area Manager and Engineer for Pioneer International.

In 1972 Kelvin transferred his engineering skills to the family business, A.J. Mills & Sons Pty Ltd (Mills Transport) running their main mechanical workshop at Murwillumbah. It was here that Kelvin's mix of engineering expertise and transport knowledge combined to create a lasting legacy to the transport industry.

Kelvin oversaw the purchase of more than 200 Kenworth trucks from Brown & Hurley, carefully matching each truck's specifications to its specific operation. Under Kelvin's watchful eye, the Mills Transport mechanical workshops also designed and manufactured rigid truck bodies and flat top trailers. The result was a fleet with tare weights envied by competitors and sought after by customers.

Mills Transport held the contract for the cartage of raw sugar cane from the farm to the three New South Wales mills for more than 30 years. Over this time, Kelvin was able to increase the payload of the Multi-lift trailers from 16 tonnes to 24 tonnes, a 50% increase; and introduce a high capacity 113 cubic metre walking floor semi-trailer for bagasse transport.

In addition to fleet acquisition, Kelvin was also responsible for vehicle maintenance and safety including the safe restraint of loads as diverse as bricks, beverages, chickens, steel, bulk sugar, gas, concrete pipes, timber, flour, fuel and tyres. Mills Transport operated with accreditation in the Trucksafe, and NHVAS Maintenance, Mass and Fatigue modules and the workshop's operating system was central to the company's successful participation in these programs.

Kelvin has been a Director of Mills Transport and associated companies since 1974. He retired from transport in 2015.

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