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Year: 2015

Colin Mulcahy was born in Victoria on the 1st June 1948. He started with a Thames Trader carting for Sadleirs Transport about 1967 and then bought a Peterbuilt to haul for TNT Sadleirs. He also had a Deutz because at the time there was plenty of freight movement from Melbourne to Perth for Sadleirs. At this time general freight had to go by train from Port Augusta to Parkston via Kalgoorlie then be driven 370 miles to Perth. The train had a 24 bed carriage where the drivers could, cook their meals and play cards, not too bad if you won.

Col being very keen with the work he loved, bought an SAR to work for Alltrans Express, Ashburton Freightlines and Belways. Everything was going fairly well so Col moved to Western Australia to continue his trucking life.

Col got so busy he went into a partnership, bought a couple of 50 tonne low loaders, a new Kenworth and Kokoda Heavy Haulage was formed. Unfortunately the partnership didn't survive, the low loaders weren't too bad, just needed a bit of upkeep. Life's not too bad on the road if you go to Darwin return, it takes about 10 days. Pulling up at night because of the width restrictions, cooking a meal in the parking bay, talking trucks and other things with the Escort Drivers and then taking off at daylight.

Starting again, contracting the different companies, Col got a contract with the United States Navy out of Exmouth to Perth and other states of Australia with roadtrains which lasted nine years.

Col went back to one 50 tonne Drake float with dolly and all the extras that went with it. Kokoda Heavy Haulage got going again, taking heavy loads mainly to the North West. He carted steel and machinery off the wharf at Fremantle to wherever it had to go. Steady Col got work delivering to gold mines so he bought another float.

Now Col has five trucks, floats, trailers, dollies and escort vehicles and calls Forrestdale in Perth home. He still gets in his big red Kenworth, drives up the road as King of the road and enjoys a beer when not working. He has good operators which you need in the heavy haulage business. Col is always helping people who need it, in and out of the trucking industry.

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