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Year: 2015

John Morris entered the trucking industry in his home town of Dubbo in 1971 carrying livestock for local carrier Ray Holland until 1973. He then went back farming for two years. Life was a struggle on the family farm so John started driving for Phil MacInnes in June 1975. The big black Mack soon had a reputation of putting 'a bit extra' on.

In July 1978, after four years with the MacInnes's, John purchased his own truck. He was 30. He bought a 1974 Butterbox 250HP White 9000 and a 36 foot McGrath spread bogey trailer from Fred Vella in Sydney.

In October 1979 John bought his first new V903 LNT9000 Ford Louisville, went roadtraining during the 1981 to 1982 drought and completely wore this truck out in 48 months. John bought another new (much heavier spec) LNT9000 Ford Louisville in October 1983. He had this well-known truck until he sold out in October 1992. John also bought a Ford LTL9000 in October 1985, but during a downturn in work in 1987, sold it off to the Quinlan family near Penrith.

After John sold his transport business in late 1992 he joined the Australian Road Train Association and went on to serve in every position including eight years as Executive Director before the ARTA merged with NatRoad in December 2008. He then served six years as a NatRoad Director.

John became well known all over Australia for his lobbying efforts on behalf of the ARTA and the transport industry giving up many hours from his day job as a NTI RoadTeam member selling truck insurance all over Australia for 23 years.

John was able to contribute these hours to follow his representative passion thanks totally to his hard working wife, Trish, who ran the insurance business while John was away lobbying for his industry. John mixed it with Prime Ministers right through to Local Government on transport issues.

As John and Trish head into semi-retirement and join the 'grey nomad set' John will look back on his 44 years in the transport industry with a huge amount of enjoyment and self-satisfaction along this journey.

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