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Year: 2015

Fred (Misso) Missingham was born into a life in the trucking industry. His father Jim and two uncles owned a sawmill and logging trucks at Robertson in New South Wales. From a very young age his dad would take Fred with him, making him hold the steering wheel of an old Blitz truck while moving logs at the mill. Fred left school at 16 and joined the family business.

In the 1970s Fred was employed by local residents, Mauger & Sons, driving a 7 Series Dodge delivering potatoes to the Sydney Markets. This led to employment with Blue Circle, Berrima for four years. Following this Fred was employed by Southern Super Haulage, driving a Diamond Reo.

From 1980 to 2008 Fred ran his own business, FCM Haulage Pty Ltd. His first truck was a Ford Louisville LNT equipped with a Panther tipper trailer. He sub-contracted to JRT Haulage (then known as James Hardie) in Moss Vale New South Wales carting wine out of Mildura. Fred also worked for Tycan Australia at Mittagong, carting steel to Melbourne and South Coast Equipment, Port Kembla. In 1992 he became part of the Louisville Legends through Stillwell's in Sydney.

Over the years Fred has had a LNT Louisville 903 Cummins, a LNT Louisville 350 Cummins, a Ford LTL Cat motor, a Western Star Cat Motor, a MACK Superliner 550 Cat motor and an LTLS Aeromax 450 Cat motor.

After terminating his business of 28 years Fred was employed by J Baxter of Truck & Trailer Equipment Sydney from 2008 to 2014. He was driving interstate, from Sydney to Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane hauling new trailers for Maxi Trans, Lusty Ems and Vaudrey as well as oversize convair cement tankers for Boral to Perth.

Fred is now employed by Mulready's of Moss Vale driving a Mack Trident (truck and dog trailer combination) working locally.

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