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Year: 2015

Mervyn John McGlynn, better known as Spiro, was born 28 March 1941 and was married to Marguerite. Mervyn lived in Young, New South Wales and passed away on the 1stMay 2014.

From the age of 14, Mervyn would skip school and hitch a ride in a truck to the Sydney markets. The drivers would get him to reverse the trucks into loading bays because he could do it better than them!

Mervyn bought his first truck, an International in 1956, which he used to carry wheat during the harvest and produce to the markets. He was an owner driver before forming a partnership with his wife. Later the business was turned into a company which included his son Steve. It was known as McGlynn's Transport Pty Ltd. At one time they ran a fleet of seven trucks. Mervyn had many different trucks over the years including Dodges, Bedfords, Internationals, Scanias, Kenworths and one Iveco.

They ran interstate with general freight, produce for markets, honey for Capilano and wheat during harvest. Mervyn employed numerous drivers over the years and would give young people a chance, by teaching them how to drive and the ways of the highway.

Mervyn spent over 50 years behind the wheel, until illness forced him give up the highway. He continued in the transport industry working from the office, finding loads and organising the trucks.

Mervyn's wife always said he had diesel in the blood and high purchase on the brain. The people who came into contact with him in the industry called him a true gentleman. The drivers that worked for him or alongside had admiration and respect for him. This was shown by over 600 people attending his funeral, with a guard of honour formed by drivers that spanned from the church doors out to the foot path. Mervyn was taken to his final resting place in the only fitting way, on the back of a Kenworth driven by his son Steve. Steve continues to run the company, with the same morals and respect for the industry that was passed down from his father.

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