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Year: 2016

Hugh Clarrie McLees was born 25 June 1940.

He started his career in 1967 with Albury Metals at 26 years of age where he started as a yard boy with some local driving, and stayed with them for 12 months. From there he moved on to work for Dick Hanel carting bags of grain for about 3 years. Following that he worked with Ipec for 5 years. Wards Overnighters was his next position which lasted for 15 years until they were taken over by Ipec. He then began relief work for Finnigans Transport. Hugh also spent 15 years working for Arrows Transport. His final position was Albury manager for Epsom Express until his passing.

Over his long career, he drove many different types of trucks, though during the Overnights period he drove mainly Kenworths. His favourite truck was a 1976 Kenworth SIH 624 because of the way it performed and he loved the sound. His most vivid memories were the camaraderie that sprang up within the groups of drivers of the day and the help that everyone gave when others were in trouble.

Hugh sadly passed away 23 May 2016. He is fondly remembered by all of his driving mates that were his On the Road family during his career that spanned some 50 years. Stories and yarns have always circulated about his sense of duty and of fun, giving his driving companions a boost in their morale during the long and lonely nights. Most of these drivers remained firm friends of his family and always visited and were made welcome to his home in Albury. Hugh's Commitment to the industry has been nothing short of exceptional. As a Driver and because of his standing within the drivers that travelled the Sydney-Albury-Melbourne roads, he was a legend and an Icon of the Industry that was the love of his life.

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