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Year: 2015

William Mason was born in Bendigo, Victoria on the 22nd July 1938. At 14 he moved to Wycheproof where he worked on a sheep and wheat farm earning 11 shillings and his keep a week. Bill then moved to working for the Victorian Country Roads Board in around 1956. These were tough times with Bill and others living in tents alongside the roads.

In 1958 Bill moved to Gippsland in the Bendoc area working in forestry. He stayed there for two years then he and a mate, Tony Grange decided Surfers Paradise was looking good after the cold Bendoc winters but they only got as far as Mansfield.

Bill settled in Mansfield in 1960, working in the logging industry. In those days he worked with Kevin Gerrish, another well known personality in the timber industry. He also worked for other companies in the area.

In 1964 Bill began driving for Midway Freight Lines Benalla, working Melbourne to Sydney which then extended to broader Australia and other capital cities. During this time he proudly drove a 1418 Benz, then the newer models and also Macks.

In 1977 Bill met Sandra in Canberra and later they married. He became step-dad to Sharon, Linda and John. He was their father for 36 years. Bill also had children to his first marriage, Gary, Caren, Carol-Ann and Jodie.

Bill stayed with Midways and worked under their new management for some time. When midways was sold he moved to John George Transport in around 1984. Driving a Mack he drove interstate for them until the transport side of the company was sold in 1993. Sandra and Bill took a year off in 1994 and caravanned around Australia.

1995 saw Bill driving for John L Pearce Transport which was based in Sydney and a change over in Wangaratta meant he was able to spend more time at home. While there he drove a Freightliner and then Kenworths.

Bill retired in 2007 aged 69 after 12 years with Pearce's but one year later was diagnosed with cancer. After treatment he returned to good health for two years. During this time Bill and Sandra enjoyed two cruises and a caravan trip to Queensland. One again bill's health deteriorated and he ended his life's journey in 2011.

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