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Year: 2017

GEORGE KRESKOS (Now deceased) came from a strong and proud greek family who had immigrated from Ethnikon in 1939 just before the onset of WWII. The family settled in Shepparton, Victoria where they eventually established a family orchard where George and his brother Arthur worked. George Kreskas (dec) and his brother Arthur are a real success story in transport and logistics not just for Shepparton and Victoria's Goulburn Valley but for the wider industry as well. They commenced a business in 1968 which today, in 2017, is proudly employing the fourth generation of the founding family.

Kreskos Transport is Shepparton's second longest running transport business and over the years since its inception has grown to be the largest road carrier of import and export containers between the Port of Melbourne and regional Victoria. Both George and Arthur were (and are) widely known and respected for their honesty, integrity and commitment to both their staff and the wider community. Their commitment and dedication to their customers was second to none. Arthur's sons Les and John (the current Directors) owe much of their continuing success to the foundations that were laid by George and their father.

George and Arthur were active, not only in their community but as members and representatives within of a number of professional associations including the Victorian Transport Association. Even today this commitment to the wider industry keeps the business abreast of the most recent developments for the industry. Kreskas Bros is a company that keeps business personal and professional by developing working relationships that are more than just doing business. We continue Arthur Kreskas' commitment to treating customer's businesses like their own.

George Kreskas' generation is the last link to transport pioneering and the industry we enjoy today.

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