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Year: 2016

Terrence Kneebone was born on 22nd October 1944 at Wangaratta Base Hospital and spent most of his young life on the family farm at Whorouly. At 15 he started a motor mechanics apprenticeship at Whorouly Motors.

Terrence's cousin Bing Kneebone of Kneebone Transport asked him if he wanted to go on a trip to Sydney. They left at lunch time on Friday in a 1958 twin headlight Chevrolet truck with a 32ft two deck sheep crate. They loaded two decks of lambs at Springhurst and headed for Sydney. They arrived at Homebush Abattoirs at five in the morning, unloaded the lambs then headed home. Terrence was hooked.

The family moved to Melbourne so Terrence finished his apprenticeship at Campbell's Motors in Preston then moved back to Whorouly to drive for Bing and Billy Kneebone. He drove a 653 GM motor and a 6 speed Allison automatic gearbox fitted by the boys, the first in Victoria. Terrence then drove a Scania refrigerated meat truck for Pastoral Meat Co from Myrtleford to Melbourne for 12 months. He then managed Myrtleford Abattoirs buying cattle and selling meat. They closed after 6 years.

Terrence then worked for Bruce Marks Transport Wodonga for two years then he bought his own truck a 688 Volvo, carting bullocks from the Upper Murray, Riverina and North East Victoria to the Abittoirs in Melbourne for four years.

Terrence then spent three years in Bass Strait working for Raymond Offshore Constructions as an Engineers Trade Assistant. He then went to Leningtons Transport driving a Kenworth cab over carting cattle and sheep for two years. He then went into the office as Load Co-ordinator dispatching stock up and down the Eastern States.

Terrence then spent 12 months driving for Deluxe Coachlines in Wangaratta. He then went back to Leningtons driving a fridge van for a while. They decided to expand the refrigeration and general part of the company so he started as manager, spending 14 years there before retiring to join his wife Janella in a pet cremation service for 10 years.

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