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Year: 2015

Chris Kelly was born on the 14th March 1969, the day of his father's 37thbirthday. He left school at the age of 15 due to a lack of interest. He took every opportunity to be either at the transport yard or away with his father John Kelly.

His father decided that he had little chance of getting Chris to return to school or to do anything other than become a truck driver. John Kelly had the local agency of Ansett Express and the overnighters.

Chris started on the dock sorting freight and helping the downtown driver with his deliveries. At the age of 17 he obtained his truck licence and would go to Brisbane to load freight for Toowoomba for delivery the next morning.

It wasn't long before Chris obtained a semi-trailer licence and was doing the night shuttle for NQX between Toowoomba and Brisbane in an R model Mack. However this was to finish soon so he traded in the R model on a 500 hp Series 2 Superliner to do interstate haulage. Chris loved the freedom of being his own boss, travelling wherever the work took him and meeting new people. He said it was a great truck and times were good so he could afford a new Western Star super Star. Due to some personal upheavals in his life Chris tried working for a boss. He tried long distance shuttle, roadtrain and driving mining trucks. He enjoyed driving in the mines away from the pressure of law enforcement and every day traffic. However this job wasn't to last.

In recent time Chris was married to Jayne and decided he should spend a bit more time at home. This led him to his next project. He bought a damaged Iveco truck, which he built in his back yard. Chris got it registered and decided to do local work.

This didn't satisfy him and once again there was a yearning to return to the highway. The Iveco was soon traded in on a late model Cabover Kenworth and once again he returned to the familiar Brisbane to Melbourne run towing a B-double.

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