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Year: 2016

John (Jordo) Jordon was born in 1936 grew up in Sydney where he became a mechanic. His first driving job was for Norm Ormsby in Newton in an AEC carting earth moving machinery around NSW. He later drove AB180 and R190 International trucks and B Model Macks for various companies carting general freight around Sydney.

He later worked for Peter Chase carting general until TNT started putting flexi vans onto the rail. Jordo was one of the first to do so. When TNT Refrigeration started in 1964 John went on to do this in an S Model Kenworth (# 34 in Australia) powered by a 6V71 GM. Jordo then purchased his first truck. The K123 Kenworth was the very first truck to be painted in the TNT colour scheme of 'Peaches and Cream'. In the late 1960s, after he returning from a stint in New Guinea, Jordo worked at Kwikasair driving one of the legendary 'Grey Ghosts' before moving to Comet, and later driving a Peterbilt carting earth moving machinery. In 1970's Jordo bought a B Model Mack and carted bitumen to seal the Nullarbor Plains. He then carted general freight between Adelaide and Sydney and hauled steel from Woolongong to Sydney and interstate.

Jordo then purchased a K125 Kenworth before buying a W Model Kenworth. In the late 1980's he worked for Brambles carting heavy haulage around Brisbane and Gold Coast for six years before buying a rigid Leyland table top to cart general. Jordo bought his last truck in 1988, a fully restored W Model Kenworth powered by a KT450 19ltr Cummins which he upgraded to a 525hp with a 20sp spicer gearbox. Jordie drove this truck for the last 27 years pulling heavy haulage, general freight, refrigeration as well as road train work.

Jordo passed away in March 2015, a proud father of eight children. Four sons have followed him into trucking. Jordie made many lifelong friends on the highway and deserves his place in the Wall of Fame.

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