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Year: 2015

Gordon (Gordy) Jeffery was born in Werribee, Victoria in 1939. As a young lad he worked on the family poultry farm. His passion for trucks and love of driving became evident as a 16 year old whilst driving unlicensed in the family's 1949 Austin tray truck, delivering stock and produce into Melbourne from Werribee.

Keen for adventure, Gordy started his 50 yearlong interstate driving career with his brother-in-law Paul Portogallo, driving International trucks on regular Melbourne-Adelaide trips hauling Ansett Freight Express.

Whilst loading tomatoes by hand in Virginia South Australia, Gordy met his wife to be, Constandina. He laughs remembering driving the R190 Inter back to Melbourne then jumping in the car and tearing back across to Adelaide for the Saturday night dance, good times.

Driving interstate for Alf Marsden in the 1970s, Gordon received his first new truck. One of three 903 powered single drive Ford LNT 9000s, which was a dream come true for Gordon who felt honoured being given one of the big bangers, making his job a lot easier, compared to the older 1418 Benz he drove.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Gordon recalls driving a leg a night between capital cities being very hard physical work, handling tarped loads in all conditions, ever thankful for the mateship and camaraderie between drivers, helping each other out.

Gordon also has some great memories of his time driving a variety of trucks for BNB Freightliners, but rates AEG's 4964F Western Star as the best truck he ever drove.

In 1993, Gordon became an owner operator for the first time with his son Johnny. Purchasing the first of four prime movers, three Western Stars and a Kenworth, all contracting to FCN Transport.

In 2008 Gordon was diagnosed with bowel cancer and the toughest journey of his life began, the long road to recovery. Sitting on a bench beside the Geelong freeway, watching the trucks roar by, never losing sight that he would be back behind the wheel. After making a full recovery, Gordon now enjoys the occasional days work driving trucks in Melbourne.

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