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Year: 2015

Len (Hux) Huxtable was born in Kooweerup, Victoria on the 24th August 1947. As the eldest son of Ken and Moira Huxtable he was destined to have a love affair with trucks. His father and two uncles established a trucking company in 1949 and three generations and 65 years later Len is still owner and manager of the family business.

Len "officially" started driving trucks for the family business at the age of 18 however he was operating machinery long before this. His first truck was a J Model Bedford tip truck and he delivered sand, soil, stones, water, hay, peas and pine posts in the local area. Soon he began driving a semi-trailer and carting sand from Seymour and Port Melbourne, potatoes to Ballarat and Shepparton and carrots used for rabbit bait to Wodonga and Yea.

Len and his brother Kevin created Huxtable Transport when they took over the family business in 1980. Kevin left the business in 2003 and Len took over sole ownership. Len's wife Carmel began doing accounts for the business in 1969 and 46 years later is still an integral part of the business as secretary. Len's two sons also work for the family business with Brian there for 20 years and Michael there for 15 years.

There has been many trucks owned by the company over the years. Initially in the early years a Maple Leaf, a Chevrolet, an Austin, two Dodges and a Fargo were part of the fleet. They went on to also own Bedfords, Commers, Mercedes Benz, Internationals, UD's and Kenworths all playing an integral part in the running of a successful trucking business.

Len is a highly skilled machinery operator, a well respected businessman, an active community member and volunteer fire-fighter. He currently still drives a truck and owns and manages Huxtable Transport. His most recent exploits include caravanning around Australia to places such as, Cape York, the Pilbara, the Kimberley, the Birdsville Track, the Nullabour, Exmouth, Darwin, Cook Town, the Daintree, Ord River, Broom, Fraser Island, the Tanami Track and Cameron's Corner. Although fifty years on the road has taken him many places, Len is still working on being able to say, " I've been everywhere man.'

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