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Year: 2015

Ronny Hussey's family had a history in transport. He left school early to drive bulldozers and front end loaders. At that time Ronny had a very successful motor cross career and had raced for years. He had a Yamaha 400D and beat Dennis Curran the number one in Victoria.

Ronny was 17 when he and his brother Danny bought their first truck, it was a R200 International powered by a Scania motor. They were towing a trailer for Satories running to Brisbane but the truck was plagued with problems so they sold it and bought a CK40 UD single drive. After a year they sold the truck as Ronny wanted to start on his own. He got a job with Johnny Basinetti towing a semi tipper carting coal from Morwell.

Ronny then went and worked for his sister and brother-in-law driving their S2 Kenworth with a VT903 Cummins towing a flat top. Moving on again, Ronny drove for Keith Kirkman in a Kenworth RE-Car towing a flat top running Melbourne to Sydney. He moved on to drive for Andrew Zorbas ABN Cartage towing a fridge van for Scanios running everywhere. Ronny then went to work for JETS from Wandong.

Ronny then went to drive for Clem King towing a fridge van running Melbourne to Bowen in northern Queensland. After this he went driving for Riddell's in Epping, Victoria carting sand. Ronny then went to various companies still carting sand.

Having had enough of local work, Ronny went back on the road working for Maccas Haulage in Campbellfield. He continued driving for various companies. He drove many interstate routes carting a variety of freights.

Ronny began working for Johnny Barrett running fresh produce for the markets to Sydney and Melbourne, back loading meat out of Blacktown to Melbourne. Ronny fell out of the back of a van badly breaking his leg. When it was mended he was going back to Barrett's but it had been taken over by Toll and the rest is history.

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