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Year: 2013

K. HARRISON AND SONS TRANSPORT BALRANALD was established in 1950 when Kathleen Harrison and her sons purchased their first truck, a Ford.

William (Bill) Harrison died in 1948, aged 48, leaving Kathleen to run the wood-cutting business. They had four sons, William (Jack) born 3rd March, 1927, Balranald; Francis (Ginger) born 4th April 1937; Eric and Peter. Working to install the telephone line from Jeraly Station to Balranald, produced earnings used to purchase a car and mail run from Balranald to Hay. Peter later moved to his own transport company in Hay.

Kathleen ran the business from home; bookings, business and finance, while feeding everybody. There was always a meal, the table was set and the door was always open and unlocked. She could track them within minutes, knew where they fuelled up and where they ate along the road. No mobiles or GPS required!

In 1951 wool from Clare and Tupra Stations began. Often getting bogged and camping out those days a tucker box was always handy. You could cart in a day or a week depending on the weather. The Ford loaded 84 bales; by 2001 the Kenworth loaded 135 bales.

Cutting wood, they supplied the hotels and cafes in Balranald and Hay. Regular loads to the Victoria Markets in Melbourne were tomatoes, rockmelons and watermelons from the market gardens in Balranald. Ginger took his first load of tomatoes when he was 15 years and 9 months driving an Austin truck with no doors, just a chain across the gap. He had put his age up to get a licence.

Hand loading wool, Jack could stack each bale perfectly in record time. Later bales were pulled up on 2 pipes using a tractor, and then progressing to a front-end loader. 2001 saw a milestone of 50 years of carting wool from Clare and Tupra.

They carted livestock, sleepers, grapes, wheat and hay, and three loads of cattle from Juanbung every Sunday for some years to the rail at Balranald. They travelled to remote areas of N.S.W. , southern Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Kathleen died in 1980 in a house fire.

Eric died in 1980.

Their trucks included: GMC, Dodge, Volvo and White Road Commander.

Internationals were their choice: International 190, and a C200 Atkinson International, ACCO, Kenworth SAR and W900.

The business was wound up in 2005.

Ginger died 9th September, 2011, aged 74.

Jack died 1st October, 2012, aged 85.

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