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Year: 2015

Robert (Bob) Heinz time in transport leads all the way back to 1959 were he had a job with Adelaide company Blue Freight in an ASD180 International. In 1961 he started with Gronow carting fridges and whitegoods to Melbourne in an AEC.

In 1962 he started with George Kreivins and ran to Cairns for eight to nine months in an 11 litre Deutz. In late 1962 Bob started with Westerns Transport based in Goulburn on a Melbourne shuttle for four years until 1966 when he transferred to Brisbane where he worked on oil exploration in Western Queensland until 1973.

In 1973 Bob started with BP as a company driver doing metro fuels as well as country trips to Lismore. In 1974 Bob started with Peter Dyer running roadtrains to Darwin loaded with general freight and unfortunately injured himself in Darwin whilst loading his trailers and was taken to hospital. Fortunately a mystery bloke in a cabover Kenworth also nicknamed Bob not only finished loading his trailers for him but tarped and capped it so Bob could make the return journey to Brisbane with his daughter Nikki who was with him on the trip.

In 1975 Bob started with Fitzgerald's Bulldog Tippers as a manger/driver where he ran a fleet of tippers working locally and on the Tarong power project. In 1981 Bob made the transition to armoured cars for a couple of years with Brambles where he did cash pickups though out South East Queensland and carried a 38 Smith & Wesson.

1983 Bob came back to trucks where he work for Forsyth (Earthmovers) where he managed 40 tippers.1987 Bob started with Boral Aztec as a manager and help build the business up at their headquarters at Wacol (Queensland) with the introduction of new equipment to transport sugar from various surrounding customers in Queensland.

1992 Bob started with Refrigerated Roadways as a manger where he worked for quite some time at the company's best years before it was later sold out to another company in late 1999.

2000 Bob started with John Bell Transport repair where he finished his fulltime working career as a workshop manager reporting directly to John Bell and dealing directly with customers and setting up new business.

2010 Bob retired and is now enjoying his time in Brisbane riding his BMW motorbike and keeping in touch with his mates and being kept in line by his beautiful wife and long-time sweetheart Jan.

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