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Year: 2015

Peter Hart was born on the 17th September 1945. His life in the transport industry began during his National Service in the Army. He was assigned to a transport division and trained to drive trucks, semi-trailers and buses. After his discharge he returned home to run the family Ford Dealership until 1975 when he bought a new Ford Louisville and second hand trailer and ran his first load to Darwin for the NTFS.

Peter spent the next four years driving from Adelaide to Darwin and everywhere in-between. One memorable trip to Darwin during the wet season took 21 days with six days spent in one mud hole and a total of 27 flat tyres.

In 1979 Peter took over a contract to transport goods to the Aboriginal communities. Over the next nine years, Peter Hart Transport pioneered the supply of everything from food, vehicles, building materials, kangaroo tails and even coffins to the Pitjantjatjara lands on primitive and punishing roads. It was this 'unique' cargo that earned his company the nickname Snot and Puss Transport.

One of his greatest achievements was the use of custom built refrigerated trucks to supply fresh and frozen food to the Pitjantjatjara lands earning him a commendation from the South Australian Health Department for dramatically reducing health problems in the community.

By 1988 Peter's business had grown from a single truck to a fleet of eight with 20 staff and a depot at Bolivar, South Australia. The same year he lost the contract to supply the Aboriginal Communities and had to sell his fleet and close the business.

Peter then worked as Transport Manager for South Australia Brewing Company until 1992. After his departure from the transport industry Peter worked as an electrician, builder and refrigeration mechanic and is now semi-retired, he owns and operates the Blanchetown Houseboat Marina on the Murray River.

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