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Year: 2016

Colin Gould (Col) has been involved in the trucking industry for most of his working life. He was born in September 1952 in Roma, Qld, the eldest son of five children. He attended Wallumbilla primary school and Roma High until leaving school at the age of 15. He gained an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic with his uncle. After finishing his apprenticeship, he moved to Toowoomba for a short time and worked for Ray Curran and then moved back to Roma where he worked in a service station with a mate for many years.

From Roma, Col moved to Surat where he had a business working on trucks and cars but, it was the trucks that had him intrigued and this is where his love of the trucking industry started. It was also where he met Gaylene in 1981. After getting married in the same year they moved back to Toowoomba where Col started working as a truck driver for Bill Baskett and John Bain's company Oilfield Services Transport. When Bill and John went their separate ways, Col stayed on with John Bain and worked for John Bain Transport for the next 24 years. For some of those later years he had the title of 'Maintenance Manager, which really meant, he says the hooker uppera, the loader, the forky, and in general Col of all things trucks. He spent many a night fixing broken things over the phone at midnight between Brisbane and Darwin NT and sometimes South Australia. This was followed by a stint with Westrans.

Col finished working for Westrans in January 2008 after the business was sold to Toll Express in September 2007. He had a few months off work but with many work opportunities chasing he went back to work back in the same town where it all started, Roma working for Charlie Burke Transport. In 2016, this is where is still is today, working with trucks. There are not too many people on the Brisbane to Darwin run that don't know Col and most would have had him help them during that time.

Col also now has a new interest which is a little away from trucks but still using that mechanical knowledge - only these things go a little faster, a drag car where he is the owner/driver/mechanic. Congratulations Colin.

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