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Year: 2016

Peter Robert Gough, sometimes known as 'Hitler' or 'Pedro' was born in Marrickville in September 1951. Peter had a great interest in trucks from an early age and was excited when the opportunity to drive a Commer Knocker came along in 1971. He has been driving ever since. He later drove a T.K. Bedford carting building supplies before going to New Zealand to drive for the Cunningham Carrying Co. for five years.

Peter then went to the United States on a driver exchange program for six months. It was there he had his first taste of driving a Kenworth. Following that he drove for Seacombe's Transport in Coffs Harbour. Eventually Peter decided to buy his own 'Flintstone' Mack which he used to cart logs. After that he drove for Ronnie Few for about nine years. In 1992 Peter met and married his wife, Teina and moved onto driving local tippers around Coffs Harbour and later for Interlink Transport Solutions to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne for a further 10 years. In 2014 Peter started driving for Ag Spread where he still works today, carting bulk commodities, grain and fertilizer in B-Doubles and road trains.

Peter has an excellent driving record and has survived 45 years of driving without losing his licence or being involved in any 'at fault' accidents. He has traveled most major highways in Australia with his favorites being 'The Putty'. The longest load Peter carted was an 80 foot Coal Wash Gantry from Hemmant to Newcastle.

Peter recalls there were many things have happened over his many years on the road. Some good, some bad and some you don't wish to retell. The memories for Peter are mostly good;

Some say the 'good old days' and some say they were bad. Whatever you think of them, the one thing for sure is you will never beat the camaraderie and mateship we shared, the respect we were taught to have for our trucks and the knowledge we gained 'on the road', from our peers.

Congratulations Peter Gough. Your place in the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame is well deserved.

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