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Year: 2015

Lois Margaret Harley (nee Pearn) was born in Finley on July the 25th, 1935. Her nickname is Loey.

Lois married Allan Harley in 1958 immediately joining the family business in the office and organizing loads to and from Melbourne.

Lois' father-in-law Jack Harley began the business in Finley, New South Wales in 1946, using a lorry and two horses following in 1948 with the first truck, a Ford Straight six tray body carting timber from Victoria to Finley.

By 1962 Lois had two sons and a daughter, three years and under to rear while also working in the growing transport business. Luckily the home was adjacent to the truck yard. With her mother-in-law's encouragement, Loey managed Harley's Road Freighters becoming fleet owner/manager with 10 trucks.

Some other Harley trucks were an E Series Diamond-T, a Fargo, Dodge's, Australia's first Bedford 653 GM custom built by GMH for Harley's Freighters and a Mack. The longest serving driver for Harleys was the late Len Thomas with 38years.

Harley's transported grain and wool interstate to Melbourne and Geelong, returning with town and farm supplies for distribution to Finley and district. Mostly, after little sleep Lois would rise at two am, clean cabins and check that all was correct for the next deliveries. Loey would off-load semis and reload tray trucks for her daily town deliveries.

Lois is a petite woman (5foot tall) with the ability of 10 men, running around (literally) making sure things were done. She has the patience of a saint, a sense of humour, is a hard worker, tactful and a good arbitrator. All business problems fell on her shoulders. When those at loading docks, suppliers, or others, expected miracles, Lois would calm the situation and get the job done.

Harley's would never have survived without Lois's work ethic, organizational skills, total commitment to her employees and on-time deliveries. Known and respected for her unselfish 365 days a year service, commitment came at a personal cost: Unloading trucks on Public holidays, sacrificing her family Christmas Day, missing school functions, carnivals, presentations and visits to growing grandchildren, going without holidays, or socializing, to ensure deliveries.

A sad day for Lois was when her co-worker mother-in-law retired at 94 in 1994. Lois kept the business functioning until selling in 2000 and thereafter delivered goods left by couriers for Finley township distribution until ill health in 2011.

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