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Year: 2017

ASHLEY HALL was born in Victoria. His father was a transport operator in Cohuna so Ashley grew up with an appreciation of the trucking industry and loved going for drives with his father. Ashley dreamt he was going to be a truck driver and in 1972 his dream came true with the purchase of a Ford Louisville car carrier and he started doing the east-west run. In 1990 Ashley and his wife Minnie decided to move to Clackline in Western Australia. Clackline is located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, about 80 kilometres east-north-east of Perth. The move enabled Ashley to keep doing his east- west run.

In 1997 following the birth of his son Jake, Ashley wanted to be home to spend more time with family. This meant not doing the long runs east. While Ashley was still doing the east to west runs, he saw a need in the market for making dog runs between Northam and Perth. After doing some investigation the family decided to change the direction of their business and Clackline Haulage was born. Twenty years on, the business is going strong and is still based in Clackline, Western Australia.

Today in 2017, with Ashley and his wife Minnie owning and running the family business, they operate seven prime movers, and employ six drivers. The fleet consists of two CAT trucks, two Western Stars, two Kenworths and an Iveco. All the trucks can easily be identified by their dog run number plates. In recent times Ashley has enjoyed hauling into Northern and Central Australia along remote outback tracks delivering freight to Aboriginal Missions and huts to mine sites. He purchased two trailers; one extendable and one drop deck, to facilitate these bush jobs. Ashley loves the Australian outback and travelling through the bush.

Ashley never leaves home without one of his travelling companions. This is usually one of the Chihuahua dogs they own, Django, Louise of Annie. Sometimes it will be all three of them. They never leave Ashley's side! Ashley and his family pets are a familiar and well - known sight to other truckies on the West Austrailan roads. Ashley is known in the industry as a quiet achiever, good operator and a bloke who is always willing to help out a mate or fellow truckie in need.

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