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Year: 2015

Robert (Bob) Guthrie was born on the 1st July 1947 at Busselton, Western Australia and married to Beryl Guthrie. He started his career in transport the day he turned 15. Bob's father had an operation hauling hardwood logs to various timber mills. He worked in the bush snigging and loading logs with a bulldozer until he was old enough to obtain a truck drivers licence.

Bob was promoted to truck driver and I hauled logs in the season and then started his long distance career running interstate in a Diamond T 630. No sleeper cabs, air conditioning or power steering. In those days, they did it rough. From there he progressed to be a sub-contractor for Brambles Manford carting freight for the North West iron ore miners from 1968 to 1982 with various makes of trucks from Volvos to Macks. From 1982 to 1992 Bob carted for Perth Freightlines from Melbourne to Perth. That was the start of his Kenworth career. To this day, Bob still owns and drives Kenworths. From 1992 to 2002 he went back

hauling logs from his brother's bush operation. Bob's brother did all of the bush operation and he did all the haulage side of it on single trailers, to B-doubles to roadtrains.

One of the best trucks Ford made as value for money was the Ford LTL 9000. Bob owned three of these trucks carting hardwood logs and made more money out of these trucks than any other truck he ever owned. Then, the Government offered a buyout which they agreed to. He then returned to carting interstate for Perth Freightlines. ln April 2002, Bob's K100G Big Cab Aerodyne won Rig of the Month in Truckin' Life.

The next new Aerodyne Bob bought in 2013 was the showpiece for the Kenworth Stand at the Perth Truck Show. It went on to be on the cover of Big Rig Magazine. Bob now sub-contract for GKR Transport from Melbourne to Perth and has spent 52 years in transport and have currently driven more than 10 million kilometres. He still enjoys this job even today, even if it is only hobby now days.

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