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Year: 2015

Douglas Guthrie was a gentleman of the highway. He started hauling logs for his uncle from 18 years of age, progressing up to his own log hauling operation from 1955. He ran that until 1985 when he handed it over to his son Bill. In the meantime, Doug was a sub-contractor for Brambles Manford running to the North West iron ore mines with various Volvos and Scanias. He did this until 1989.

Doug then went back hauling logs for Guthrie Logging until he retired in 1997. He was one of the smartest men around. He was a jack of all trades and a master of many talents. He was a builder and built his own home and lived in for the rest of his life. He went to America and bought a 1977 Ford Thunderbird which he converted form left hand drive to right hand. Doug was a great welder; he even used to make his own logging jinker.

Doug was a V8 Ford specialist. He could tune or rebuild a V8 to sing a tune. He was a wiz on diesel engines rebuilding many over a lifetime from Perkins V8 to GM Diesel Cummins, Volvo and Scania. There was nothing he couldn't do and all of his knowledge was self-taught during his 55 years in transport.

From your loving son Bob, for passing all your knowledge to me.

Rest in Peace

Douglas George Guthrie, deceased 1923-2002 aged 78 years.

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