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Year: 2016

Kevin Hugh Grant (Kevie) was born in 1949 in the small bush town of Winton, Qld, the eldest of six children. When he left school he became a shearer working the Winton district. That was followed with a stint at the Railways before he started work with with Les (Boy) Shaw of 'Shaw Bros' driving a Bedford tip truck. Sometime later Kevie started driving for Roy Shaw (brother to Boy) of the iconic 'Shaw Transport'. Kevin drove an International ACCO with a 15ft body followed by a 20ft dog trailer for stock carting. His first load of cattle in this ACCO was at Dagworth Station, Winton, in 1968.

Kevin then went on to drive a Transtar pulling cattle crates for a few years, before ending with an eight wheeler Atkinson some 12 years later. Roy Shaw sold out to McIver Bros in 1980 and Kevin went with the sale. Kevin stayed driving trucks for McIver for another ten years before leaving to work for David Nowland from 'Nowland Transport'. After that he worked for with his youngest brother Alan (Buddo) Grant (also an inductee) driving a Ford LTL9000 tip truck at Boulia.

Kevin is married to his wife Kay and in 2016 the couple have five children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He is still employed by Buddo at Grants Livestock Transport in Winton where he currently drives a Kenworth T908 towing side tippers. Kevin still enjoys doing the occasional load of cattle and doesn't shy away from a long haul down to New South Wales if the opportunity arises.

It is said that Kevin can drive a road train from Roma to Winton without having a toilet break, something that not many can beat and a feat his mates on the road all admire!

Over his 48 years on the road Kevin Grant has earned himself the reputation of being a genuine and hardworking bloke skilled with the ways of driving a truck in the bush and looking after his mates on the road. He is very versatile and takes life and work as it comes. Kevin has covered a lot of country over his years behind the wheel but wants to see a bit more of Australia yet! Congratulations Kevin Grant.

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