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Year: 2015

Ian John Forbes was born in Quilpie, QLD on the 1st November 1954. He married Debbie in the Christmas of 1983 and together had two children Angilee and Daniel.

From an early age it became apparent to Ian (and the Nunn's in Quilpie) that his education was not going to be of great importance to him. He left school in grade eight after a short-lived tenure at Downlands College and entered the workforce. Ian still recalls today how sister Joan said he would never amount to anything or be successful. This forged his determination to prove her wrong.

Years later, Ian's older brother Tom had started his career in the transport industry driving for McIvers carting livestock. Ian thought this was a great idea and started off siding for him. When Ian was old enough, he and Tom pulled into Hughenden and Tom enquired into the local policeman about a truck licence for Ian. The policeman asked if the young bloke was capable. Tom replied well, he got us to here! The officer then proceeded to go for a drive around the block while standing on the fuel tank step outside the drivers side door. Ian got the licence and took a job with McIvers himself.

After driving there for a short time, Ian and brother Tom decided that transport was the go and bought themselves a 1972 single drive Dodge prime mover with a 6V53GM and 10 speed roadranger('miss Angie lee'). This was the beginning of Forbes Bros Transport. Many hard days and nights were spent in the Dodge carting livestock. After a few years, Ian and Tom decided to go their own way and Ian purchased his first of many Kenworths in 1986. A 1980 model SAR from which he bought off friend, the late Lee Grinner Walton. This was the start of Ian Forbes Transport. (This truck is currently being restored).

In 1992, with a truck each, Ian and friend Charlie Burke formed Roma Transport Services, which flourished and to this day enjoys a fantastic reputation for being a premium transport company in southwest QLD. The Roma Transport fleet consists of over forty trucks and employs 60 people.

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