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Year: 2015

Kevin (Alf) Edwards started working for Padthaway Transport in 1968 driving super spreaders, then an AA International driving Melbourne to Adelaide. This was the beginning of Kevin's long career in the transport industry and his love of driving trucks. In 1973 he worked for DG Pitt driving a new 1973 Atkinson with a fridge van freighting meat Australia wide from the Naracoorte Meat Works.

In 1975 Kevin bought a petrol V8 International Acco carting general to Adelaide to Melbourne. After owning it for only three months the prime mover caught fire due to an electrical fault. The truck and trailer loaded with aluminium coke cans burnt to the ground. Due to a shonky Insurance Broker, compensation wasn't received for over twelve months. Meantime Kevin drove for Crisp Transport carting livestock with a 9000 White, then an International Transtar carting fuel and tallow for Gericke Transport.

Kevin bought a 1979 Atkinson in 1981 carting wool from Naracoorte and sub-contracting for WR Ringwood freighting wool from Adelaide to Melbourne. The Atkinson got traded on a new S-Line International (Farm Truck) in 1984. New trucks to follow were a T600 Kenworth with a 350 Cat (Slack Attac), then a T900 Kenworth with a Detroit (Moody Blue) which won awards at truck shows.

Moving to Adelaide with wife Judy in 1996 saw them buying a 1979 SAR carting containers for Holyman's Transport. Other trucks bought for the job were a 1974 S2 Kenworth 903 and a 1992 T600 Kenworth. Moody Blue continued carting wool from Adelaide to Melbourne.

So Kevin could come off the road, the couple bought a storage business in 2001 and the trucks were sold. It wasn't long before truck driving called and Kevin began driving cement tankers for Golding Industries, later becoming Transport Manager. Judy ran the storage business.

Retiring in 2007 the two travelled Australia. By 2008 Kevin was again behind the wheel driving tippers for Garden Grove Haulage. Taking time off to travel he drove quads for 4 months for Bullbucks in Port Hedland.

47 years in the transport industry sees Kevin still driving in a T909 B-double for Garden Grove Haulage.

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