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Year: 2015

Slack Tom Donzow born in Kremunster Austria on the 2nd March 1948 and grew up in Riverstone New South Wales. He started work at the Katherine Meatworks in 1965.

Slack was an enigma to his employer Dick Condon, General Manager of the Katherine Meatworks. After being caught watching Buntine trucks unload several times, Dick gave him one chance, Stay on the floor or go over to Buntine's. Slack started the 1967 season with Buntine Roadways under the watchful eye of Uncle George Peckham.

During his time at Buntine's, Slack was entrusted to manage his own time and repair of truck and trailers. He was well liked and trusted by the drivers and Buntine (who never questioned his expenses).

Slack's colourful experience extended beyond the control of a roadtrain, and he soon became known for his playful antics. None more memorable than the telegram which read Buntine, rolled two trailers, love Slack.

Tom earned the nickname through his ability to defuse situations with humour, a skill he needed the day a group of drivers near came to blows over the make and model of a passing truck. Eventually someone yelled, Slack what type of truck was that? to which he replied a red one!

After the green and whites, Slack worked for Dodds Transport, later known as Katherine Petroleum Services. At the end of his career, he was carting iron ore from Ridges Creek to Wyndham.

If truck driving across remote regions of northern Australia gives the experience of a life time, Slack experienced and mastered it all, carting cattle, general cargo, wide loads, and dangerous goods to and from cattle stations, communities, and mine sites.

Tom met his wife Jan in 1979. They have three children and five grandchildren. Slack Tom passed away on the 15th June 2014. He is buried close to the road, and within radio call of his mates.

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