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Year: 2015

Barry Dormer was born in 1939 in Sydney and grew up in the Campsie and Arncliffe areas. His first job was in 1955 with the Cronulla Carrying Company where he was an off-sider delivering electric stoves.

Barry could not wait to get behind the wheel and received his licence at 16 years and 10 months. Working around trucks, Barry was itching to drive them and got his C Class licence at 18. In 1958 Barry went to Queensland and worked in the Channel country on a station with cattle and horses for 18 months.

In 1960 due to his mother being unwell, Barry returned to Sydney and gained work with Kristie's delivering sewing machines mostly around the Sydney area. During that year he purchased a horse float and delivered horses all around Sydney in his spare time. From 1961 to 1963 Barry was employed by a sub-contractor driving a 3 Series Dodge for Hawthorn Taxi Trucks running from Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to Brisbane.

In 1964 Barry married his beautiful wife Bev and later that year worked casual for Comet. In 1965 he worked for two sub-contractors who were employed by Comet. From 1966 to 1971 Barry joined Comet Overnight Transport as a sub-contractor travelling far and wide in various vehicles such as a C1600 International with a 345 V8 motor and a Clark five speed overdrive gear box, then a two and a half five Series Dodge V8. From 1971 to the late 1970s, Barry was a company employee with Comet Line Haul driving Kenworth Grey Ghosts, Volvos and other vehicles.

Due to a family situation Barry decided to stop driving Line Haul and worked locally until 1988. From then until 1992 he did sub-contract work driving a six ton tabletop locally until he was made redundant. Since then Barry worked for Woolworths delivering to country areas and then with Cootes Transport driving gas tankers running country, interstate and local until 2004 when he retired.

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