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Year: 2015

Robert Dickerson aka, Rob, Robbie D, Old Clob, Pa Rob, Brother Bob. He was married to Frances. Rob was born in Daylesford on the 20th December 1952 and died on the 17th June 2015. He began his truck driving career at the early age of 17 driving his dads Commer.

At 18 Rob officially got his licence and began his first driving job which was in a 7 series Dodge for Doug Ingleton from Romsey, Victoria carting stock to Newmarket in Melbourne. After this he drove for Bertie Dunn in a 3070 Acco doing interstate driving as far north as Townsville and as far west as Perth. He then drove for Graeme Saunders in a 1418 Benz travelling from Melbourne to Sydney or Brisbane.

Then at the age of 24 Rob bought his first truck which was the 1418 Benz he was driving at the time. Under the new name of Transcene Transport he started carting general freight for Bob Sheppard from Melbourne to Dubbo. After many years of hard slogging, in 1980 he bought a Kenworth 125 which travelled countless times to and from Melbourne and Dubbo. Quite often on these trips he had a companion in his son who spent more time travelling the highways with his dad than he did at school.

In 2002 Rob bought his last truck a Kenworth T900 that wore those three letters of his son (RSD) on the door and those black and yellow stripes he was so proud of. Rob was a legend truckie with countless loads done; he always worked hard, and was always there to lend a hand or to offer some sound words of advice. But he always made time for a beer with his family and friends at the end of the week at his local pub where he was always there to cheer people up and get into a little mischief if he could. Rob was loved and respected by all which was proven with an attendance of 700 at his funeral.

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