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Year: 2015

Ian (Choycey) Choyce was born in Blackall Queensland on the 19th December 1940. He bought a mail run in 1958 and started his own business in trucks. Ian had an Austin and a BMC for the mail run and used an AB 180 International as a semi to transport the wool off the properties around Blackall to the Brisbane Wool Stores and while doing that, he and a relief driver did seven loads in 15 days, a record in those days. There were no log books then.

Ian traded the International in on a B Model Mack and with the business growing he bought an Autocar with a 671 GM and a 15 speed Road Ranger gear box. It was the first one sold in Queensland. His next truck was a MAN but it did not have the power to do the job that the other trucks were doing.

Selling the business except for the Autocar, Ian moved to Brisbane. He sub-contracted to TNT carting from the Golden Circle Factory to Clappon. Trading the Autocar in on an R Model Mack, Choycey went sub-contracting for Woods Transport Gold Coast carting cement powder to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. He sold the Mack and worked in Brisbane with his taxi truck but hated the traffic. Ian loved the freedom of the open road so he bought a Cabover Mack to pull TNT trailers doing the Darwin run. Carting prawns from the Gulf for Frigmobile was his next job.

Ian gave driving away and worked for Mack Trucks Brisbane rebuilding and appraising the big rigs. On retirement Ian moved back to Blackall. He rebuilt Mulberry, a 1984 V8 Mack Superliner that was on six pallets when he bought it. He put it in the yard to be used as a spare truck when needed by his two sons, Clinton and Scott who have their own trucking business. When needed he drives Mulberry for the boys and does the repairs on the trucks. With his experience, he helps the young drivers in the yard when he can. His wife Janet has been his mate and supporter throughout.

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