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Year: 2017

Brian Leslie Tevelein (Tevvie) was born in 1934 in Birregurra, Victoria. He met and married his second wife, Ida also a truck driver 37 years ago.

In 1946 at the age of 12, while a passenger in a truck at Melbourne market Brian was asked if he could drive. Sensing his opportunity, he said yes although it was his first attempt. So while the owner slept, Brian drove back to Deans Marsh from Melbourne. No thanks from the owner and he had to walk back to Birregurra 12 kilometres away.

In 1952 on his 18th birthday Brian fronted at the police station for his semi licence and because the police were aware of his driving skills, they never bothered to test him, so that night he set out on his first interstate drive to Sydney with a load of peas. Thus began a lifetime in trucks of all makes and models.

For a while Brian alternated shearing and also did national service in the transport division. The vast majority of his driving career was as a company driver, but for a short while did become an owner/driver until he rolled his truck which was a write off.

Brian carted all types of freight, general, logs, hazardous chemicals, livestock, market, containers, milk and flour tankers. He did Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and the odd Townsville and Perth run.

Some of the many transport companies he worked for were: Bennetts Birregurra, Amendroz Colac, Australian Cargo Express, Golden Brothers, United Transport (All Melbourne), Kalari Transport (Melbourne and Portland) and Porthaul (Portland). Brian drove many vehicles including Flinstone Quadbox Mack, Volvo, Ford Louiville, Bedford, Kenworth (all various models and longnose and cabovers) Particular favourite? Cabover Kenworth.

Brian was the second driver in Victoria to gain his B double (multi combination) licence, and he also received an award at the truckies reunion in Melbourne for the longest distance driving in 2000.

A few of his interstate mates are Bear, Bootlace Barclay, Fox Broedesen, Black Billy Fava, Mick Boland, Morrie Foggarty and Huc Powell.

Retiring in 1999 at the age of 65 he returned to driving some months later then retired two years later. Brian then drove school buses around the Portland district for several years until they took his endorsements at aged 80.

Brian is currently aged near 83 and he drives the doctors and patients around the Portland district as a volunteer for the local hospital.

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