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Year: 2017

Peter Maxwell ROBB better known as PETE, born 7th August 1954 of LEETON NSW. Born and breed in Leeton and marrying a local on the 4th September 1976, after this is when Peter and Kay started their thriving business of LEETON REMOVALS. Which Peter and Kay still run after 41yrs.

As a young boy Peter wasn't interested in school most days, his mum would drop him off at school and by the time she would arrive home he would be waiting on the front veranda ready to go and help his father Bruce. ( See picture of Peter and his father as a young boy)

Peters Father Bruce owned the local fuel depot and would deliver fuel all around the local area. The first truck purchased to deliver the fuel was the RED ACCO974 Model 1810 it had a petrol engine, This truck would do daily trip to Griffith and weekly to Wagga delivering fuel and heating oil to local farmers.

In 1976 Peter and his wife Kay begin the now Leeton Removals. It was with the Red Acco that started the business of delivering furniture. Its maiden voyage was October long weekend 1976 to Sydney. This truck last many long years delivery furniture all round the state. The most hair raising experience Peter and Kay witnessed in the Acco was when the tail shaft went through the fuel tank in the Pilliga, this was a very close call, which resulted in the Acco being towed back to Leeton.

Farming was always a passion for Peter, so in the late in 70's they purchased one of many farms, which resulted in the Acco being turned in as the farm truck to cart wheat and rice to various locations in the local area.

As the removal business was taking off Peter and Kay purchased a Leyland Comet (JGN 587) this was one of the first turbo diesel engines. Being a Leyland lover Peter was happy with his purchase until the problems began, in its time the Leyland did many trip around Australia it was one of the first of the company to travel to Perth WA. On its retirement from furniture it returned to the depot to deliver petrol. In its time on the removals it travelled over 500,000km.

In 1978 Peter has such a love for his beloved Leyland's he purchased another this time with some careful thought, it had a Perkins motor and was a V8 ( can't read the number plate of this picture). Again in its travels it travelled over 500,000 km visiting many states around Australia.

In 1982 Peter and Kay purchased and International T2670 (LZF697)his was a twin steer allowing him to carry more weight. This was his pride and joy for many many years. Kay and Peter spent many long years on the road from NSW, VIC to QLD delivery furniture and discovering this wonderful country of ours. In the T-lines prime it has travelled over 2 million kms. This beauty still today takes pride position in his shed, although it not registered at present as it has been given a cab rebuild Peter has every intention of getting it back on the road.

Again Peter found a love for his Internationals in 1983 Peter and Kay purchased another T-line T2670 (MMU 583) twin steer. Peter and his wife Kay took this truck and their two kids at the time to Darwin. He drove the truck to Port Augusta and loaded it on the train and travelled to Darwin via the train making an awesome family holiday at the same time. Peter wont let it sit still for long it needs some rust work done to it then it will be right to go again.

During 1991 Peter and Kay purchased a 2000 acre dry area property in the Colinroobie district. This is when Peters LZF 697 truck in 1991 became not only a removal truck but also a farm truck carting wheat and sheep. It was now that Peter had decided to use containers as his removal pan as they were much easier to load and unload if the customer wanted storage. As Peter sons became older the need to upgrade became apparent, Peter would continue to run the removals in the busy reasons and then the truck was used in the harvest season also.

In 2006 Peter purchased a Lewingtons Kenworth 1994 100E 450 Cummins it was off the road for around 12 months but when it was first put to work it was 2007. It now took his beloved T-lines Number plate of LZF 697. The red truck as it's known has seen many kms with Peter roughly around 300,000km as well as carting furniture containers its carted many sheep, cattle and goats

In 2009 Peter and Kay purchased two 10,000 acres blocks in Cobar which meant more driving time for the Kenworth with hay and equipment from their home in Leeton to Cobar. Its a 6 hour journey from door step to door step and for the first 3 years this trip was done on a regularly basis, in between removal jobs. Peter has carted many sheep, cattle and goats to and from Cobar in the last 8 years and I'm sure there is still many more years to go.

In February 2017 the removals business purchased a Kenworth 2012 T403 cummins and in its short life in the family has already seen many parts of NSW and even the red dirt of the Cobar roads. This trucks main purpose is removals as it carries the drop deck trailer with two containers. Both Peter and Kay enjoy riding in the 'new' kennie as it is much more comfortable than his T-lines

Over the years Peter has seen many wonders of the this great country and he has been fortunate enough to be able to experience every mile with his beautiful wife by his side. When Peter is asked to go on a holiday he says every time I'm in the truck that's a holiday cause I'm going somewhere different.

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