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Year: 2017

Haydn Horne was born in 1945 in Broken Hill, New South Wales. The eldest of five kids he was keen to hit the work force at a very early age. Haydn's family moved to Port Neill, South Australia when Haydn was young and it was there his passion for trucks and heavy vehicles really took off. Haydn started his working days with his father Max Horne and Uncle Glen Horne driving tip trucks and working on road construction from the early age of 14. Trucks consumed his life from then on. From the tip trucks he moved on to working for Clarrie Birkin and Birkin Transport.

Haydn was the first person in 1971 on Eyre Peninsula to drive a long vehicle for Eyre Transporters. He spent many hours behind the wheel of a G88 Volvo and his love of Volvos seemed to had been ignited.

Haydn then went on to work for Eddy Denis. When Eddy bought his second truck they went on to get many a contract. Those two green and white International trucks never seemed to get cold and they were off again. Haydn's beloved S2 truck is still a yard truck for Denis Transport in Port Lincoln today.

Haydn did a short stint for Marko Visic in a Kenworth known as the 'Gold Nugget' transporting canned tuna to Melbourne and returning with empty cans for the Port Lincoln tuna factory.

It was after this Haydn bought his wife Valda an 86 Volvo for harvest work and there was no looking back getting his own business up and going.

Haydn bought himself a rigged tipper Road Commander and started local council work contracted to the Department of Road Transport. The itch to upgrade to a Volvo saw him buy his next truck, an N12 which he took great pride in. His place on the road gang saw Haydn complete major road upgrades around the Eyre Peninsula and even as far away as the South East of South Australia. There are many major road builds and upgrades Haydn was a part of over his fifty years in the industry.

Haydn's last truck, a cab over Volvo F10 saw him slowdown to doing local work around Port Lincoln. From there Haydn retired from the trucking business when his new passion took over, his grandchildren.

Haydn's dedication and work ethic was second to none and his love for the transport industry shone through brightly. His achievements are certainly something to be applauded.

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