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Year: 2017

Noel Herrod was born 1946 in Charters Towers. Noel's family owned cattle properties in the district west of Charters Towers. Noel's working life started early on the cattle properties and later machinery operating and repairs for an earthmoving business. At 21, Noel saw the opportunity for a transport business to service the cattle industry. He moved back to Charters Towers in 1966 establishing Herrods Transport with a 131HP 6-354 Perkins powered 4x2 C line inter coupled to a single axle 34' semitrailer (K wagon size). Noel married Lexie in 1967 and raised daughters Karin & Malinda.

Noel owned and operated numerous trucks and trailers early on but when an order was placed with Atkinson to Noels specifications: Atkinson 8 x 4 Mark 2 unit, twin steer Kirkstar suspension,318HP8V-71(Detroit), heavier RTO 12513 13 speed Eaton Road Ranger, 44K,000lb SSHD Rockwell differential on Hendrickson walking beam rear suspension, rated 66,000LB GVM set on a 25' wheel base to accommodate a 32' body. This truck 'Detroit Dreamer' was a 3K unit after Noel added a third drive axle, later upgraded to a 4K unit -double deck crate on the body, 2 x single deck trailers, Herrods Transport had pioneered big rigs in the Charters Towers district.

HT's Tri -drive Atkinson was on the road for the 1976 season. An engine replacement in 1979 to a 430HP 8V92T Detroit & purchasing 2 x 40'double crated stepdeck trailers & dolly saw Noel with a Big Rig in town a 7K (6 deck) unit.

In 1980, a second Atkinson known as 'Detroit Delinquent' joined the fleet. The drop deck trailers were traded on 4 x 41' double deck units. The 2 Big A's were repowered with 475HP 8V92TA Detroit engines now hauling 9K on 8 decks with a gross weight of 140T each.

Herrod's Transport boasted a cattle transport depot and mechanical workshop. Noel & Lexie built the Gold City Roadhouse which opened in 1984 to cater for the transport & tourist traffic.

In 1985 McIver Bros were looking to set up in Charters Towers. Noel seized the opportunity & sold out to McIver's, after 20 years Herrod's Transport was gone.

Noel is now retired and spends time at Colemans Stockfeed in Charters Towers, as a mechanic and handy man.

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