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Year: 2017

Lindsay James Gordon was born at Narrabri in 1964 to Lex and Mary Gordon and into a family of 13 children. He left school at aged 15 and has been driving trucks ever since. Lindsay basically grew up in a truck travelling from a very young age with his father Lex Gordon and his older brothers, learning to steer and change gears, to all parts of the country.

At around age 14 Lindsay started driving for his father running dog trailers to the Queensland border from Narrabri New South Wales. In those days road trains weren't allowed in New South Wales. At around 15 his father Lex gave him the opportunity to pull his first double road train to Mount Isa. Back in those days the roads, mostly gravel and black soil, throughout north western Queensland were in an atrocious state and getting bogged was a common occurrence. From that point onwards Lindsay started to go anywhere and everywhere in Australia including Darwin and carting everything imaginable. He finally got his licence at age 19, much to the relief of the local constabulary.

Lindsay married Joanne Kneller in Narrabri on the 10th of August 1985. They have 5 children Josephine, Adam, Madeleine, Max and Annabelle.

Lindsay's first truck was an International Transtar 4200 with an 871TTA Detroit engine. He drove this for a few years running mostly to Mt Isa with road trains of steel. Lindsay then got a Kenworth W model with a 400 Cummins engine and went into business for himself for a couple of years and then returned to work for his father at Gordon Roadways, driving mostly Western Stars carting cotton seed and grain to and from all parts of New South Wales and Queensland. Over the years Lindsay has driven most makes of trucks including Ford Louisvilles, International Accos, Volvos and Macks.

Today Lindsay continues to drive for Gordon Roadways pulling road trains, clocking up millions of miles on the road, and providing over 40 years of continuous contribution to the Australian Transport Industry.

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