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Year: 2017

Bernard Bunny Brown was born in Tumbarumba in 1943. His parents bought 1000 acres of timber land at Sharps Creek near Adelong. They made a living cutting eucalyptus and supplying hardwood mill logs and telephone poles all-round the district.

Bernard was only 16 when his father had pneumonia and threw him behind the steering wheel of the old Ford and Federal trucks. He was under age, had no licence and the Adelong police were getting phone calls informing them that Browns were going through Adelong again. As a result they decided to give Bernie an E class licence even though he was under age.

Bernie married his wife Diana in 1963 and moved to Adelong. He worked in her father's wrecking yard for some time and then secured a job on the Talbingo Snowy Mountain Scheme driving dozers, scrapers and dumps trucks. Bernie also obtained a powder monkey ticket while he was there.

In the 60's Bernie began carting logs to the Tumut Saw Mills for other contractors. In 1970 he drove interstate for C J Dean Transport. Bernie then bought a 684ft Fiat and went interstate.

In 1985 B & D Brown won the Laminx Wood Chip contract carting 1500 tonne of wood chip day and night to Wagga. They had six to nine Western Star trucks running 24 hours a day at times. After nine years they sold out to Ryans and kept the 'Lone Ranger' and went interstate.

Bernie was always active in promoting the welfare of drivers and in 2000 he started the Australian Long Distance Owner Drivers Association. In the last 17 years he has made some real progress in bringing RMS, Workcover and drivers together to discuss issues that effected everyone in the road transport industry.

As President of ALDODA a blockade of the Albury Wodonga highway was organised in 2000 to raise awareness of the fatigue, safety and payment issues in the transport industry. ALDODA was active in the fight to have the RSRT abolished in 2016.

In 2008 Bernie and Diana set about starting up the Tarcutta Truck and Farming Museum in Tarcutta with the official opening of the museum taking place in September 2016.

Bernie is still very active in the fight to have the road transport industry respected and recognised for the contribution owner drivers and small fleet operators make to the transport industry and to Australia.

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