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Year: 2017

David Anderson starting trucking with a Thames Trader 7 yard tipper with Reid's Quarries in 1961. He then put a single axle tray type semi on the Thames to cart timber studs from a saw mill in Combienbar then with Sumberg's Mill in Cann River to carry house lots to Melbourne.

In 1962 David joined with Bruce Orchard to start Gippsland Melbourne Freight Lines carting pipes from Melbourne to Canberra then down to Cann River to take timber to Melbourne using 190 & 180 Internationals and the Thames Trader. The fleet grew with the addition of two New Mack Trucks, 1418 Mercedes Benz and V8 Petrol engine Dodges. In 1965 the partnership with Bruce Orchard ceased. Bruce kept the interstate business and David kept the Cann River work with the original 190 International and an International 190 log truck. Further vehicles were added including a new F600 Ford, a 180 International, a tandem drive MAN and a Cummins powered Dodge that replaced the original 190. David moved his family to Orbost and also took on the additional work of carting logs from the Wingan area to Sumberg's Mill and sawn timber from the mill to the rail head at Orbost or to Melbourne when required. During this period David drove a log truck during the day then the road truck with the semi-trailer to the rail head at Orbost at days end or Melbourne if required, then un-load and drive back to Cann River the next day. He was assisted by Harry Pascall who was a long term loyal driver and friend who lived in Cann River and drove the main log truck.

In 1972 David closed this business and moved back to Melbourne. David sold trucks for Kenworth and then began with Mack in 1974.

In 1980 David opened Eastern Mack Truck Sales at Dandenong selling and servicing Mack trucks.

In 1983 David changed the name to Anderson Truck Sales with the addition of Mercedes Benz & ultimately Freightliner.

In 1999 David went to Campbellfield Truck Sales where he started an engineering section doing chassis modifications and truck bodies. David gained entry to the Vehicle Assessment Signatory System to approve modifications to heavy vehicles.

David is still active as an approved NHVR heavy vehicle examiner.

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