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Year: 2018

ROBERT DOUGLAS SQUIRE (Bob) was born at Wee Waa NSW on 9th May 1957. He grew up on the family farm near Pilliga NSW. He left home in 1974 and went to the Kimberleys and worked for Aust Ag Company at Newry Station. When he returned to NSW he did a couple of years share farming before wanderlust struck again! This time he headed to North Queensland and worked as a ringer on Clonagh Station. This was the first time that he drove a roadtrain. It was a B Model Mack carting stock.

In 1979 Bob went to Alice Springs and joined his partner Liz who had been living and nursing in Alice Springs for several months. He started work with Dussin Contructions driving the gravel cart; an ACCO eight wheeler. Bob later started doing roadtrain work in an ACCO 3074B and progressed to an ex Buntine R Model Mack doing heavy plant and machinery float work.

Bob continued working for Dussin Construction until MacMahon Construction bought Dussin Construction. Bob went with the sale. At MacMahons he drove a Mack MK1 Superliner doing floatwork. His work took him to remote regions and isolated work camps and mine sites all over the country. One of his most memorable trips was going from Sandy Blight Junction to Giles Weather Station.

"All sand! Bogged! Survived!"

In 1990 Bob went from truck cabin to office desk. For three years he was Purchasing/Transport Officer for MacMahon Construction. In 1993 Bob and Liz left Alice Springs and returned to Narrabri NSW where they built a home on acreage. Bob bought his first roadtrain. A Kenworth K124. A successful cartage business was born. He worked locally carting cotton and grain. His next truck was a Mack Superliner Mk2. Today, in 2018, Bob has a Kenworth 604 and continues to cart cotton, grain and hay.

The transport industry has been good to Bob and Liz and Squire Haulage proudly flies the flag for all truckies!

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