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Year: 2018

KEVAN STEINERT was born in 1951. Kevan's small trucking business was purchased from Bill Schwarzkoff in July of 1987. Renamed KC and RJ Steinert Transport, it initially started out as a two truck operation. There was little doubt Kevan would end up in the trucking industry. He has been around trucks all his life. At a young age, Kevan would often spend his hours after school, on weekends and during school holidays helping out his father, Les, who owned a small carrying business. The love of trucks stayed with him.

After leaving school, Kevan started an apprenticeship as a panel beater for WH Foster & Son. After qualifying and working in that industry for several years, the desire to be involved full time, in the transport industry was still strong. Eventually, Kevan left his trade to drive for Lochert Bros Transport in Ramco, South Australia. He was in his element and felt he had come home.

Since marrying his wife Rose in 1985, and purchasing Bill's business in 1987, Kevan has never looked back. Through hard work and determination he has turned his two truck business into the thriving successful company it is today. His business has now grown into a 30 truck operation and consists of over 50 various types of trailers including tippers, taut liners and flat tops.

From the depots in Paringa and Renmark (SA) the business today primarily hauls oranges, grapes, wheat, almonds, wine and all sorts of other produce out of the Riverland area for which it has attained a reputation for excellence given Kevan's dedication to getting the job done properly.

Customer service has always, and will always, be a priority for him as is the safety of his drivers and the conditions they work under. Most recently Kevan became an advocate for freight routes in need of urgent repair including the Paringa and Nappers Bridges which, during repairs caused both time delays and inconveniences to trucking productivity.

Kevan is well respected. His business plays a significant role in the social and financial wellbeing of the local community.

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