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Year: 2018

David Phillips was always drawn to trucks from the beginning. When his mother was due to give birth, the only form of transport to get to the hospital was a truck. David was born in 1948. He was raised at Buckleboo on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. He started driving in his parents Ford F600 to the government dams for water for the family home at an age of 11. At 14, David left school and worked at the local Shell depot and in 1964 at the age of 16 obtained his driver's license. From there he started in the livestock industry driving for his brother-in-law and Sister, Kevin and Judy Clarke.

Some of his first loads were carting cattle north of Woomera to the Kingoonya railhead in an International 1600AA. Some of his fondest memories are from these early days.

In 1972 he married Barbara, and together they forged a strong partnership that would hold them in good stead in the years to come. In 1984 David and Barb bought their own business, bulk haulage and a Shell fuel agency at Buckleboo, less than 300 meters from where David grew up. They quickly added a stock crate and began their 33 year journey in the livestock carting industry. The business included their first truck, a Volvo F10. Soon after they added a second truck, an International Transtar 4670. The business took off thanks to a strong partnership, hard work and a few basic principles: Well maintained working gear, being on time and a good customer repour. In 1994 the business moved from Buckleboo to Kimba, where they continued servicing the Kimba district, and the Eyre Peninsula with the occasional interstate work.

With David on the road, Barb quickly took on the paperwork, organising loads, helping David with the loading and unloading of stock and the washing and cleaning of the trucks and crates. All while running the family home and raising their son Justine. Justine became involved in the family business in 1999. Over the years the business expanded to run two Western Star 4900's.

After 46 years, which amassed over 7 million kilometres in the livestock industry, and 33 years in a successful and well known business, David and Barb closed the doors in 2017.

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