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Year: 2018

CHARLES STANLEY MILLER (Stan) was born in December 1924. He was a farmer's son but hated farming. Ever since he was a small child all he wanted to do was drive trucks. After school he completed his apprenticeship at Verges Motor Garage in Nagambie, Victoria. In April 1943, during WWII, Stan joined the Airforce Transport Division in Melbourne and ended up in Cloncurry. He prided himself in his work and was the only man that could back a four-wheel dog trailer onto the pier to get the fuel drums. Stan finished his service in 1946, and he and his mate Ed Gammon decided to go into business together in a 1941 Maple Leaf truck. Ed moved on and Stan went out on his own. That's when 'Stan Miller's Transport' began.

Stan met Valerie Phipps, the local policeman's daughter and later married her in December 1951. Halfway through their honeymoon he got a telegraph saying that his new R190 had arrived. That was the end of their honeymoon! The couple went on to have eight children, many of whom worked for the business throughout its time. One of Stan's greatest achievements was when the first rail strike was on in the 1950s and he received a letter of appreciation from the Government for his services for helping out during the strike.

Stan Millers Transport was primarily a livestock carrier but, like the writing on his calendars, he carted 'Anything, Anywhere, Anytime'. In the early days Joe used a 1923 Benz and a Leyland Beaver to cart sheep to Perth and bringing bulk grain back to Victoria inside his stock crate. During this job he purchased his first Kenworth. In the late 1950s Stan took over the Ampol Fuel Agency from which he distributed fuel and oil for 16 years. He also had the Commonwealth Fertilizer Agency. He later diversified into spreading lime and gypsum. When John Burns came onboard in partnership 'Miller and Burns', began.

Stan's dream was to have a fleet of Kenworth trucks, which became a reality and his life's work. Even though Stan's health deteriorated later in life, nothing could keep him away from the trucks and out of the office. He passed away peacefully in July, 2005.

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